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Brand Refinement Package

When your brand looks dated and feels stale, and hasn’t grown with your business to represent the things your company values, the brand refinement package is for you.

In the natural course of a brand’s life, leadership teams and business strategies change, stakeholders ask to see something fresh, and new competitors join the landscape. Our framework builds off your existing brand and culture to create a refreshed and accurate representation of your company as it is today. The added clarity and purpose realigns internal teams, attracts new talent to your company, and gives your marketing and creative teams a new kit of parts they can use to reestablish your position in the marketplace.

> Starting at $45,000



Brand Assessment

We dive deep to get a sense of your brand’s position in the marketplace, how your customers perceive you, and what your employees think of you.


Brand Framework

We host a workshop with your leadership team to hear the vision of your business and develop the core of your brand, starting with your What, How, Why, market position, and audience.


Messaging Strategy

We arm your team with the right words by developing personality, voice and tone, and key messages with examples of what your brand will say about itself.


Brand Story

We help craft an inspiring and compelling narrative for your brand, weaving your history with your brand framework.


Brand Style

We don’t touch the logo. Instead, we rethink the secondary elements and give you a fresh set of visual tools that work with your existing brand while giving it a new life.


Brand Book

We present your brand framework, messaging, and brand style guide in one cohesive, custom piece that can be given to your employees and stakeholders for inspiration and reference.



We host one training session to introduce and onboard your key stakeholders so that your team can own the brand moving forward.


Branded Collateral

We’ll take care of updating things like business cards, letterhead, keynotes, and other everyday collateral pieces.

Sales Materials

We can update or templatize sales materials with new messaging and brand assets.

Marketing Guide

We’ll provide an in-depth guide to using new messaging and visual style elements on marketing materials.

Identity (logo)

Sometimes, the logo really is the problem. When necessary, we’ll develop an evolution or revolution of your logomark.

Core Values Cards

In addition to the brand book, we’ll create a reference tool that highlights your values and the ideas you find most important.

Website Update

Whether it’s a small tweak or a complete overhaul, we’ll apply the new brand and brand strategy to your website.


T-shirts, hats, pens, pencils, pins—you know the drill.

Onboarding Materials

We can create onboarding materials your employees will want to read that emphasize the relevant parts of your brand.

Brand Rollout Experience

If you want to give your internal team the complete package, we’ll create custom collateral for your grand brand rollout.

Ongoing Support

Employer branding is never a one-and-done effort. We can provide ongoing strategic and creative support on a monthly basis.

These are considered additional scope. Reach out for pricing.

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