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Talent Recruitment Package

When you’re struggling to attract top talent in your industry—or your applicants are qualified, but not the right culture fit—the talent recruitment package is for you.

These days, top talent and job candidates try to learn about a company’s internal process and culture before they even apply for a job. If your brand isn’t up to snuff or lacks crucial information that could appeal to recruits, you’re missing an opportunity to attract “right-fit” employees whose beliefs, values, and work ethic aligns with your own. Our method provides the strategy and tools to reach those perfect-fit employees.

> Starting at $30,000




Internal Brand Discovery

We conduct leadership interviews, one-on-one employee interviews and a company-wide survey, and review your internal brand materials to understand your internal culture.


Brand Perception Audit

We review your online presence and outward-facing brand materials to get a sense of your brand from a candidate's perspective.


Ideal Candidate Definition

We define your ideal candidates’ needs, pains, and priorities and create personas based on psychographic drivers.


Campaign Strategy

We provide an actionable 12-month outline of where and how to execute your recruitment efforts based on your available resources and team.


Messaging Strategy

We develop an employer value proposition, as well as messaging themes, headline-level messaging examples, and a campaign tagline (if required) based on your existing brand.


Campaign Style

We build a unique look for the recruitment campaign based on your brand’s visual style.



We give your creative team the knowledge and tools they need to execute the campaign on their own, and can also help execute the vision at your request.


Careers Page Update
Whether it’s a small tweak or a complete overhaul, we’ll help you put your best foot forward for potential hires.

Social Media Recruitment Toolkit
We’ll provide a toolkit of company bios, visuals, and channel-specific messaging to reach your right-fit people on social media.

Recruitment Collateral
T-shirts, hats, pens, pencils, pins—with campaign messaging and visuals to attract recruits.

These are considered additional scope. Reach out for pricing.


Job Post Template
A write-up of your employer value proposition, company history, and perks & benefits—all you need to add is the job description.

Experiential Materials
We concept or execute the materials needed for a physical recruitment presence (e.g. job fair booths).

Ongoing Support
Talent recruitment is never a one-and-done effort. We can provide ongoing strategic and creative support on a monthly basis.





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