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Dare mighty things

Pinned to the wall, next to my phone, is a quote by Teddy Roosevelt. The first line reads, “Far better it is to dare mighty things.” This quotation is my daily reminder not to be afraid of failure. To be willing to take big risks – even if it means losing a client.

Today, as Skidmore Studio begins the next chapter of our story, those words have never been more meaningful. This is the day we launch our brand new web site, and announce our narrowed focus:

We help entertainment brands engage millennials through results driven creative.

This bold statement is a reflection of a definitive direction the studio has been charting the past few years. We have become a more focused and targeted Skidmore. We are zeroed in on a very specific type of client: entertainment based brands seeking to engage millennials.

The statement is simple and straightforward. It is a stake in the ground that says the days of being a generalist firm are behind us. We’ve earned the right to call ourselves experts when it comes to helping entertainment brands reach the most powerful buying group today.

Skidmore’s best work for the past few years has centered on speaking directly to a millennial audience. We are both passionate and extraordinary at this work, and we want to do more of it.

For some proof positive, take a peek at this case study on Dave & Buster’s. You’ll see how we helped them experience same-store-sales growth of 10%, with a net income increase of a whopping 282% in the fourth quarter of 2014. Those are awesome numbers we helped Dave & Buster’s achieve by successfully engaging their millennial customer.

At the same time, we know that many entertainment brands are struggling to understand the “millennial language” and how to forge a connection. Skidmore is the translator. Over the past several years we’ve made a significant impact on the business of many national and local entertainment brands. In addition to Dave & Busters, we’ve helped:

  • Greektown Hotel-Casino
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Expedia
  • The Detroit Tigers
  • …and many more!

Our new web site was created with the purpose to share what we’ve learned while helping solve the mystery of millennials for those who want to unlock that door. Our commitment is to offer the wisdom we’ve gained along the way. In the “Thoughts” section of this site, you’ll find Sara’s report on a millennial marketing conference along with Caitlin’s feedback on how millennials reacted to the Super Bowl advertising in our recent survey. In addition, you’ll find case studies and our most recent portfolio of kick ass work. On a very regular basis, we will add more studies, whitepapers and insights that we find along the way. So please take a few minutes to explore the site. Come back often and sign up at the bottom of this post for monthly updates.

Like Teddy Roosevelt, I do not want to live in the gray twilight that knows not victory, nor defeat. And I know you don’t either. I look forward to seeing you in the light.