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It’s never too late to start your holiday marketing plan

Following a year where celebrations were intentionally small and largely took place at home, shoppers are looking to the 2022 holiday season as their “do-over.” With an estimated  7-9% increase in holiday spending this year, there’s plenty of opportunity for CPG brands to be part of this year’s fun. 

Customers are on a mission to find the products that will make their holiday gatherings a success, especially in the food department. 75% of shoppers say they’re planning on bringing dessert to a social gathering and 60% will be bringing the booze—not only a good time for any partygoers, but also an opportunity for emerging brands to offer discounts that incentivize shoppers to try something new. Bonus points for beverage brands that can feature product reviews from real shoppers or offer seasonal limited-time flavors.

(Shout out to our friend Hard Seltzer Box Co. for offering a variety of limited-time flavors based on real product reviews. If you’re looking for a gift, this one is a winner.) 

Whether you have your products in big-box retailers or are still seeing success online, determining how to best communicate your offerings with shoppers is key. Focus your marketing on spaces (digital or in-store) where your audience is already exploring and shopping, like Pinterest, Instagram, shopping list apps, or recipe sites. Holiday-specific messaging and visuals help get customers in the seasonal spirit while also showcasing how your products can fit into this year’s celebrations.

(p.s. Want to see how Hard Seltzer Box Co. came together? Check out the case study.)