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Finding the truth about millennial marketing

We all need a little bit of straight talk from time to time. You know, one of those fierce conversations that avoids the correctness and politeness of most exchanges, and cuts directly to the core issue. I’m not talking about an inflammatory Donald Trump headline-grabbing rant. I mean an honest, direct, and thoughtful conversation that challenges some pre-determined beliefs.

I want to get real about marketing to millennials.

There is a lot of valuable content available today, but it’s hidden by really bad information we are forced to sift through. Most of the stuff I’m reading today is either oversimplified or it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum and is made to be so complex as to appear nearly impossible to grasp. Both messages are wrong, and they worry me that many people are crafting marketing strategies based on this information.

On a daily basis, I read these superficial and misleading posts that either play to stereotypes or go off the deep end of assumptions and unsubstantiated opinions. This rash of overgeneralized articles is leading to poor marketing decisions, and ultimately underperforming brands.

If you’re seeking knowledge, you can do so much better.

For the past several years, Skidmore has had a great deal of success helping entertainment brands engage the Gen Y audience. Last year, we committed to becoming the smartest and most accomplished experts in this field. Over the last 12 months, we have conducted surveys on topics ranging from hotel stays to sporting events. We have researched trends, authored articles, written white papers, and spoken to brands across the country on what it takes to engage this emerging generation. And today, I can say with the utmost confidence—we’ve unlocked the code.

So, it should come as no surprise that Skidmore will stand up against the misinformation that exists relating to millennial marketing. We’re here to help you avoid getting sucked into the hype. Every week, we publish an insightful and informative look into the millennial generation. These articles, which are both researched and tested in our real world of working with brands, represent about 30,000 words of expert content that has required approximately 1000 hours of research, writing, and editing. It is smart, timely, useful—and it’s free.

You can trust we’ve examined these topics from multiple perspectives and arrived at an informed recommendation to share with you.

As we wind down for the final days of 2015 and reflect and prepare for the new challenges of 2016, I invite you to focus more closely on your millennial needs. Send us a note with any questions you have and we’ll get you the answers you need. We’d love to partner with you and solve those challenges that have proven elusive. Who knows, you might even find yourself with an exclusive invitation to join The League of Extraordinary Creatives.