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Bon Bon Bon

Branded Website

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Voice & Messaging

Let’s get digital

Detroit chocolatier Bon Bon Bon is a small company with big appeal and a huge national customer base. We worked with their team to replicate their unique, ultra-charming brick-and-mortar experience for online shoppers near and far.

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We translated a very physical brand—tactile, layered, and personality-packed—to the digital realm.

Bon Bon Bon Website

Pick one, two, or 32

Bon Bon Bon’s packaging flexes to any number of “handpicked to order” in store. For e-commerce, we designed a Box Builder so shoppers could create a chocolate box of any size and combination.

Bon Bon Bon Chocolate Box Packaging Bon Bon Bon Chocolate Box Builder on Ecommerce Website

Bon Bon Bon Chocolate

The new site beckons customers to play as they purchase. Most important to Bon Bon Bon, it aligns with their premium product and showcases the beloved brand identity.

Bon Bon Bon Chocolate Box Packaging Stamps Bon Bon Bon Chocolate Box Packaging

Super sweet GIFs

We art directed a series of GIFs to educate shoppers on the unboxing experience and build brand affinity.

The results

Since the website launched in 2017, the Bon Bon Bon’s small Detroit-based operation has doubled their staff and increased their e-commerce sales by 1,000%. And the Box Box Box Builder is still just as fun to use as the day we designed it.

Big shout-out to The Gerards for the beautiful photos.

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Bon Bon Bon Chocolate Box Packaging In Retail Display

Bon Bon Bon Website

Flower Illustration

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