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Our Approach

The Elements of a Brand Pyramid

Building a brand, one brick at a time.

brand pyramid

Our Approach to Brand Building

How we use a single big idea to create value for emerging CPG brands.

The Capstone

Finding Your Audience

The benefits of targeting a narrow audience.


The Anatomy of a Brand

Redefining the four Ps.

boy playing

Packaging 101: Stop, Hold, Close

How to win customers in the aisle.

my jam

How to Get Retail Ready

Prepping for the big buyer meeting.


Your Differentiation Strategy

Our method? We call it “differenting.”

green creature

How to Define Your Audience

Empathy and focus, not demographics.

man sitting by rock

Our Kind of Design Thinking

How to create human-centered branding.

mountain sketch

Do You Need a New Logo?

Find the answer through soul-searching.

random products

The Power of Audience Discovery

How the strongest brands move from assumptions to insights to results.


Branding vs. Marketing

Why you should invest in brand first.


How to Pick a Good Name

AKA your most essential brand element.

flower head

How to Attract (and Retain) Top Talent

Developing an employer branding strategy.

matryoshka doll

The Skidmore Branding Glossary

An A to Z guide of key words and phrases.


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