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Welcome to a place where innovation thrives. At the intersection of consumer insight and creative vision sits Skidmore Studio Packaging Lab, where we go beyond traditional consumer testing to uncover actionable insights that will propel your brand to prominence on shelves and online.

For CPG brands, updating packaging is a Catch-22 of potential category growth at the expense of audience familiarity. Packaging Lab identifies just what scratches that itch for your target audience and refreshing it in appealing way for current and future fans. Here, your product’s potential is not just tested; it’s transformed.

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Choice Driver Research

Diving Deep into Consumer Preferences

By blending analytical rigor with market intuition, we uncover the attributes that resonate most with your target audience and within the category as a whole. This stage sets the foundation for a design strategy that’s as insightful as it is impactful.

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Baseline Testing

Mapping the Competitive Landscape

We employ a combination of store walks, desk research, and collaborations with research partners to assess how your brand stacks up against key competitors. This comprehensive analysis not only identifies your current market standing but also pinpoints opportunities for differentiation and growth, ensuring our strategy is informed and targeted.

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Broad Exploration Anchored in Your Brand's Capstone

With your brand’s Capstone as our guiding light, we embark on a creative journey that explores a wide array of possibilities. This phase is characterized by its open-ended exploration, tempered by strategic focus. We elevate on the most compelling and strategic directions, guided by client input, our deep expertise, and the foundational research that informs every step of our process.

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Head to Head Testing

Real Shopper Engagement

Next, we introduce our concepts to actual category shoppers, comparing them head-to-head to discern which resonates more deeply and why. This direct engagement with the market reveals invaluable insights, allowing us to refine our approach with precision, ensuring the chosen concept is primed for success.

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Iteration: Refining Toward Perfection

Each iteration brings us closer to a brand and packaging design that not only resonates with your audience but also stands out in a crowded marketplace. This process ensures the final outcome is a true reflection of your brand’s essence and strategic ambitions. Following this tested methodology with fidelity has a 95% correlation to increased sales at retail.

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Execute & Launch

Setting the Stage for Success

The culmination of our collaborative journey is the unveiling of your newly refined brand strategy, expressed through innovative packaging design. It’s not just a redefinition of your brand’s identity but a strategic enhancement poised to capture attention and drive engagement in competitive markets. With this, your brand is set to become a distinguished success story, perfectly aligned with the needs and expectations of today’s consumers.

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