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A Studio Update and Insights from Expo West

We’ve been busy… 

It’s been an exceptional first quarter for the Skidmore team. Our sleeves are rolled and heads are down on work we can’t wait to share. ::rubs hands together::

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re working on:

  • An indulgent, sweet snack brand that satisfies those little treat moments 
  • Some of the best hummus in the biz 
  • A new condiment brand ready to take your burgers to the next level
  • On-the-go meals for the adventurers 
  • An intimate health & beauty brand that’s making things personal—in a good way. 

We did make some time to head to ExpoWest to catch up with clients, friends, and colleagues while seeing what this year’s better-for-you-trends are all about. The evolution of plant-based and natural product branding is one of our favorite components of the show. 

Skidmore CEO, Drew Patrick and former employee Gen are photographed with the Expo West convention center and palm trees in the background.

Here are some of the product and brand trends we observed while at Expo West:

A Bevy of Color 

We loved seeing the green spaces take up the Expo floor, but were most impressed by the amount of color new CPG brands are adapting. Looking to stand apart from the better-for-you predecessors, these challenger CPG brands are complimenting their bold color choice with interesting typeface, expressive brand stories, and a one-to-many approach that feels tailored to the individual experience. 

A Woman’s World

We are seeing more woman-led, woman-focused health CPG brands pop up, and it’s no surprise. As the most educated demographic in modern history, today’s entrepreneurial women are building products aimed at easing the hormonal fluctuations women/AFAB experience at different times in their lives.

A Moment for Sweet Snacking 

From chocolate to functional candies, sweet snacks exist for the love of (a healthier) candy. This year’s candy display at ExpoWest was no exception.

Dates are showing up in a variety of ways in the sweet snacks category, too. With their mild flavor and sticky texture, dates make an exceptional binder or sugar replacement, and one of the most versatile additions to health-focused and vegan sweet snack product. 

Natural gummies are claiming more space in the candy aisle from long-standing competitors. These sweet snack brands are leaning into the nostalgia of your favorite flavors while touting better health claims, supported by better binders, natural sugars and exciting new flavors. 

Curious about our thoughts on the best booth—and why? We shared more thoughts on LinkedIn