Emerging brands gain ground on old faithfuls

2021 saw almost a third of consumers more likely to try new products over the year prior, and 2022 promises more of the same. From supply chain woes to social justice movements to family budget constraints, staple brands are now fighting with their emergent counterparts for coveted space in kitchens and cupboards. In fact, almost half of consumers have changed their brand of choice over the past year. 

For emerging CPG brands looking to grab a piece of the action, navigating such a fluid landscape can be daunting, especially when trying to determine budget allocations and develop communication strategies in a market where best practices are being flipped on their head. 

Fun and creative campaigns are taking a backseat as shoppers look for brands and products that relate to them on a more human level and provide the practical solutions they need to help them cope with their post-pandemic lifestyles. Now, meeting consumers where they’re at and connecting with them over shared values will demonstrate a trustworthiness that drives trial for new brands. 

Success in 2022 and beyond will rely on your brand’s ability to deliver not just authentic messaging, but the organizational actions to back it up. (The omnichannel shopper is always researching and validating that new brands are more than just a pretty face.) This requires more than an investment in new campaigns, but a true evaluation of who your brand is and what they stand for. In an industry where 71% of executives are saying that challenger and emergent brands are threatening their own growth, the opportunities to capture a permanent share of the market are ripe for the taking.