Shopping list marketing belongs in your 2022 marketing strategy

With all the recent changes in tracking consumer data, the conversation around marketing and advertising has changed drastically. While email and SMS are now considered table-stakes for any strategy, we believe the most effective direct marketing happens where and when people shop—and for food and beverage brands, this means shopping list marketing.

In order to create the personalized in-store experiences that 76% of consumers crave, your customers are turning to technology to recommend their next best thing. Given a clear choice, many willingly opt-in to sharing data with brands and retailers with the expectation that any experience they have moving forward will be optimized to them as an individual.

This is where shopper list marketing comes in. With its unique position in the shopper funnel, one ad unit has the opportunity to generate brand awareness and conversion, sometimes even in the same click. It replicates the in-person stop-hold-close moment by driving curiosity while solving an immediate need for the shopper. And what shopping list apps offer that can’t be replicated in-store is the ease of repurchasing a product, ensuring your brand stays on that shopper’s list moving forward.

So, while it may cause you to groan thinking about managing another ad unit within your marketing plan, the value comes from positioning your products as a personalized recommendation, which will decrease acquisition costs and increase marketing spend efficiency over time. With 2022 planning on the horizon, where will you find space for shopping list marketing?

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