So, I’ll see you at Expo West? 

Short answer: Nope, that’s not for us.

Thousands of emerging CPG brands all gathered in one place to show off and talk about their product…and it’s not for us? Yes, exactly. Because we recognize our value doesn’t lie in walking the floor of Expo West just to say we’ve been to Expo West. As strategic thinkers and brand-builders, our work happens behind the scenes. 

We’d rather help our clients put their best foot forward at events like Expo West—whether that means developing some truly killer sales materials or eye-popping concept packaging—so they can start critical conversations with potential partners about the growth of their brand. 

When we do go to events, we’re there in a learning capacity. Expos, sales pitches, conventions, and the like provide a great testing ground to see how brands stands up to (and out from) the competition. And, occasionally, we’ll go to events to support our clients while they’re there. Ask us about the time we went to Expo East to cheer on Ethel’s or our time at Toy Fair with Brightz! 

So, if you need us in the next few days, we’ll be in Detroit doing what we do best: helping good organizations grow and be their best through brand strategy and design.