The omnichannel shopper is everyone

If you’ve felt like your marketing communications in the last two years just aren’t landing like they used to, you’re not alone. Like it or not, the pandemic has had a permanent influence on how and where shoppers are purchasing the products they need to make it through the week. Digital reliance and omnichannel shopping are here to stay. And while it seems like it should be easier to reach an always-online audience, there are key shifts that need to be reflected in your shopper profiles and customer journeys to truly impact your audience. 

The first big step is to start your customer journey with mobile. Nearly 80% of shoppers begin their buying process from their mobile devices—a drastic shift for grocers and brands who focus their attention on at-shelf moments. Pivoting your strategy to win the on-screen moment (instead of in-store) will capture the attention of the omnichannel shoppers who spend up to 20% more than their in-store only counterparts

This is the kind of small pivot that leads to big gains down the line. When the business impact of a 1% improvement in customer experience nets out to a $2.44 increase in revenue per customer per year, the outcome is worth the investment.