Louisiana Creole Gumbo

Louisiana Creole Gumbo


A Detroit gem primed for growth

As a family-owned restaurant with a rich 50-year history in Detroit neighborhoods, Louisiana Creole Gumbo (LCG) is poised to grow nationally as THE authentic Cajun/Creole QSR chain. To get them ready, the LCG team entrusted us to overhaul their brand with a unique, one-of-a-kind personality that matches their heritage, and the bold, colorful flavors of their food.

Lousiana Creole Gumbo
Louisiana Creole Gumbo
Louis D Gator Sketch Lousiana Creole Gumbo
Louis D Gator Lousiana Creole Gumbo

Modern-day Creole

We revamped their visual identity to set a modern example of creole and southern cooking in an authentic and approachable way. The mascot, Louis D Gator is designed to lean into LCG’s brand personality: The Storyteller—magnetic, colorful, confident, and inviting.

Louisiana Creole Gumbo Business Cards
The Gumbo Louisiana Creole
Very Best Gumbo Since 1970

Delightfully different

We knew Louisiana Creole Gumbo would shine in a crowded QSR market by embracing their Louisiana roots and putting their bold flavors front and center. Along with a confident new tagline, “Very best gumbo since 1970,” we developed a bright and warm brand voice with punchy messaging to match.

After overhauling their brand foundation, we brought it to life with heaps of new collateral concepts—things like business cards, carry-out bags, t-shirts, signage, food packages, and new store interiors.

Louisiana Creole Gumbo Brand Collateral

The results

Armed with a full kit of branding and marketing tools, the LCG team is ready to go and is marching—with a N’awlins jazz band behind them—right towards national expansion.

Louisiana Creole Gumbo

As a small company, we needed someone that could bring a vision of what the broader world would accept. Many times, we’re in a bubble as a small company, and we won’t see beyond the day-to-day context. Skidmore has been very helpful in broadening my thinking and giving me another perspective.

—Joe Spencer, Owner

Lousiana Creole Gumbo Food

Let's get to work.