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How we use art and science to transform your CPG brand.

Packaging Lab Approach

Welcome to the Lab

It’s more mad scientist than your typical consumer testing model. Why? Your product exists to solve a problem, and branding helps communicate that to the world. The best way to know how consumers will respond to your brand—put it in front of them. We’re not talking focus groups either. We’re talking about real actionable insights that drive better results—and directly correlate to increased retail sales.

Two-thirds of CPG brand redesigns fail on shelf.

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We don’t mean to sound dramatic, but it’s true. Post-rebrand sales trends show that 66% of redesigns result in stagnant or decreased sales, nullifying the investment you make into a packaging redesign.  

What if you could ensure your brand succeeds? The Packaging Lab process reduces the risk through a mix of category consumer testing, CPG expertise, and intuition. 

The Packaging Lab Process

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Choice Driver Research

What’s driving customer purchases in your category? We conduct category consumer research to determine which product attributes are most important to your category shopper.

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Baseline Testing

We test against competitors. Share your top 11 competitors, and we’ll execute a full category comparison. The results highlight how consumers rank your brand across 8 key, purchase-driving metrics.

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We get messy. We combine what we’ve learned from the category research, consumer testing, and you to create a concise and compelling Capstone. This Capstone will guide your brand and packaging design, as well as future marketing. Read more about Capstone here.

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Head to Head Testing

We put our work to the test by pairing concepts against each other with actual category shoppers. Then, interpret that data to learn which concept consumers are more likely to buy and why.



We use what we learn by testing throughout the design process. This is the fine art of tinkering to create the right brand for your product and your consumer.

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Execute & Launch

We get it right for you and your consumers with a brand strategy and scalable packaging design that resonates. Final designs can be tested against your original packaging design to ensure an increase in category shopper purchase intent.


Want to see what Packaging Lab can do for your brand?

We’re standing by, pencils in hand. Let’s get messy.

Read more about our process

The Capstone

I want to define what makes us great

A Capstone Project identifies where your business problem, the human problem, and the opportunity converge.

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I want to build a better brand

No gimmicky frameworks here. Only serious branding.


I want to see your work

A crushable brand redesign for an award winning craft brewery.