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Capturing a culture

Amrock recognized the need to revitalize their brand to compete in the growing “fintech” space and sought our expertise in creating a fresh, fully realized brand that balanced their vibrant internal culture with their whip-smart expertise.

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We helped Amrock develop branding strategies that emphasized the authentic differentiators of their business—namely, their passionate people and client-first culture. Not only did the employer branding approach energize their team’s efforts, but it also attracted top talent to their company and helped humanize the brand in a tech-y competitor landscape.

Work harder, play harder

We used a bright, bold, colorful palette and character-filled san serif fonts to represent Amrock’sinternal energy in their external look.

Amrock Employer Branding Lanyard Amrock Logo Amrock Employer Branding Type

Digital appeal

While restructuring Amrock’swebsite from the ground up to reflect their new B2C brand, we also included a robust careers section that clearly outlined Amrock’s employer value proposition. The language and messaging we used helped define Amrock’s business and culture in a way that appealed to top talent.

Amrock Employer Branding Website Amrock Employer Branding Website

The results

The biggest success was the positive reception from Amrock’s employees, who felt their external brand finally captured their internal spirit. Additionally, Amrock’s new position opened them up to a new direct-to-consumer market and the brand set them apart in the growing “fintech” sector.

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