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What is employer branding?

Employer branding defines the most compelling attributes of your company and communicates them in an authentic, appealing way that attracts and retains employees and positions your business as an employer of choice.

At Skidmore Studio, we believe your people make up the core of your brand. A good employer brand will capture and clarify your team’s culture, values, and passion to build a unique, authentic brand that resonates with like-minded folks both internally and externally.

Your employer brand works as a toolkit to help your people represent your business consistently and confidently. It helps your company stand out as an employer of choice. It unites your employees, stakeholders, investors, leadership, and even customers under one shared vision. It’s brand building from the inside out—with impactful, measurable results.


Companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%.



86% of workers avoid companies with known poor workplace cultures.



A strong employer brand can reduce turnover rates by 28% and cost per hire by 50%.


Employer branding solutions

We’ve helped develop employer branding for businesses big and small using an effective method that uniquely addresses some of the most common problems businesses face.


Not sure where to start?

When you sense that you have employer branding challenges to overcome but aren’t sure how to tackle them, we can carry out an Employer Brand Assessment & Recommendation. This in-depth assessment of your internal and external brand, employee culture, and competitive landscape determines what your employees and customers think of your brand. Our human-centered approach effectively identifies any problems and provides a path to solve them.

We know a thing or two about brands

Skidmore is a strategic creative studio—kind of like an agency, but more agile and specialized. We help organizations grow through expert branding and design. Our studio believes in human-centered strategy and design that leads to tangible business results.

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