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Presenting the “New X”

During our rebrand with football gear manufacturer Xenith, the company made a significant change to its sales structure. To get their team up to speed and on board with the new direction, we armed their leadership team with the research, messaging, and tools to communicate the change internally.

Xenith Walk Redux

Xenith’s leadership team decided to use their annual all-team meeting as the backdrop for the internal launch of the new brand and as a forum to discuss the operational changes. We created larger-than life versions of the new logo and key pieces of strategy to help set the mood. We also worked closely with Xenith’s CEO to develop a deck that explained the process behind the brand’s creation and how their new market position would positively impact their sales process.

Xenith team members loved the new brand and appreciated the behind-the-curtain look at why the company made the decisions it did.

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Xenith book
Xenith Logo

Redefining Processes

After the public launch of “The New X,” we helped Xenith refine and clarify internal materials, from their Sales Playbook to how they describe their helmet reconditioning process.

Brand Book Comp Xenith Playbook

The results

The all-team meeting was a great success—one that allowed Xenith’s team to understand where the company was headed and why their leadership team decided to make the choices it did. In addition, the team became the very first brand advocates for the “New X” and continue to rely on the strategic branding work we provided to this day.