Brightz Bike Lights



Light up the night

The Brightz team wanted to spend more time dreaming up new products and less time noodling with the packaging design on their wide variety of bike and outdoor lights. We built a streamlined, replicable system that can adapt to whatever Brightz dreams up next.

Brightz Packaging UPC Barcode
Brightz Packaging Circle Tag

Be seen, have fun

From unique barcodes to a bright starburst pattern that unites all Brightz products, we brought a touch of fun to every element of the packaging experience.

A prominent photo and clear product callouts anchor the system across packages of all shapes and sizes.

Brightz Packaging Design
Brightz Packaging Design Sideview

Bright ideas

To help Brightz’s seasonal and multicolored lights stand out, we created a system of colorful lines and starbursts that compliment, but stand apart from, the solid colored packages.


The results

After revamping 75+ SKUs across 10 different types of packaging, Brightz showcased their new packaging to their biggest buyer, Walmart, to great success. Brightz is currently featured there, as well as local boutiques and other major retailers like Meijer and Ace Hardware.

Brightz Brand Style Guide

After our packaging redesign with Skidmore we were able to have more focused buyer meetings with Meijer and other major retailers. The number of our SKUs carried by those retailers doubled!

— Brian Finch, Chief Operating Officer


Let's get to work.