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Redefining Trailblazing Flavors

For decades, Mountain House has been synonymous with delicious and convenient freeze-dried meals for outdoor enthusiasts. As the leading brand in the category, they’ve fueled countless adventures with their hearty and reliable options. However, the landscape of outdoor food is evolving, with a growing demand for meals that are not only practical but also bursting with flavor.

Recognizing this shift, Mountain House approached our creative team with a specific challenge: elevate the taste appeal of their packaging while maintaining the brand’s established identity. We needed to ensure that the new packaging continued to resonate with experienced backpackers while also attracting new adventurers seeking an exciting and flavorful outdoor food experience.

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Adventure Made Delicious

Word-of-mouth was a powerful asset for Mountain House. The brand was known for their great tasting meals and iconic recipes, so we leaned into their reputation and positioned the brand as the tastiest meal for outdoor adventures. Our design approach brings the food to the forefront (literally), while still honoring the spirit of exploration with visual cues like wood grain, trail blazes, and a touch of illustration that evokes National Park poster nostalgia.

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A food-first flexible brand hierarchy adapts across packages, building a cohesive Mountain House world.

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Mountain House’s spirit of adventure, inspires exploration on and off the shelf.

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Beyond the Package

A cohesive brand strategy propels Mountain House beyond packaging, creating impactful retail displays, campaigns, and experiences that fuel both sales and brand love.

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Sample & Explore

Mountain House ignited curiosity and increased sales through immersive sampling events and impactful in-store displays, transforming the brand from a product into an adventurous experience.

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Mountain House field guide

Mountain House established their digital basecamp with a well-crafted website.

Partnering with Maxwell, we crafted a website that infused the spirit of outdoor adventure with Mountain House’s legacy as the original guide to delicious, easy-to-prepare meals. Prioritizing a simplified, intuitive design, the website effortlessly blends the thrill of exploration with the convenience of online shopping.

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The results

Mountain House evolved from a provider of packaged meals into a catalyst for delicious adventure. By centering drool-worthy dishes on pack and bringing more taste appeal to the brand as a whole, Mountain House is able to connect with new customers while renewing their reputation as the first and best option for their existing audience of outdoor adventurers.

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The work was top-notch, the client experience was remarkable, and everything was done in a tight timeline on budget. This is what it looks like for us to WIN TOGETHER!

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Let's get to work.