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Inspired Organics

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Your everyday best

To compete in the booming organics market, the team behind Inspired Organics (iO) asked for a brand that would stand out to the everyday organic shopper. Our strategy and design work shaped the brand into an eye-catching, store-wide line of products that are flying off shelves in small- to mid-sized groceries across the Midwest.

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iO’s bright colors, playful custom font, and smart hierarchy system shrink small or go large to fit on any package size or shape.

Inspired Organics Product Packaging Design

We designed the logo’s organic shape to be paired with other flexible and fun elements to ensure that each product label has a unique design while still uniting the brand across the entire store.

Inspired Organics Tortilla Chips PackagingInspired Organics Noodles Packaging DesignInspired Organics Milk Packaging Design

To help the organics aisle feel more accessible for everyone, iO pushes away from the green, natural, “crunchy-granola” look of most organics brands and leans into a clean, colorful design that appeals to both the committed and casual organic shopper.

Surprise & delight

On each package, we incorporated a touch of fun and flavor into informational copy to make it accessible and friendly.

Inspired Organics Copy Details Inspired Organics Poppy Seed Dressing Copy Details Close Up

Inspired Organics Peanut Butter PackagingInspired Organics Frozen Berries

Doodles for days

Custom illustrations give iO tons of personality and a touch of fun, while the simplicity of the shapes and bright colors help the designs pop off the shelf.

Inspire Organics Pasta Noodles Packaging Copy Inspired Organics Fruit Pineapple Packaging Illustration

Inspired Organics Noodles Packaging Design

The results

Inspired Organics outperformed projected metrics in its first year by a landslide. To keep up with demand, the brand regularly adds new products to its 180+ SKU lineup in independent grocery stores across eight states and counting.

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Inspire Organics Toasted O's Packaging Design

iO sales results were nearly double what was projected in the first year. We never would have gotten those kind of results on our own.

—Joyce Saranathan, VP of Business Development

Inspired Organics Packaging Design

Flower Illustration

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