ScoreSide Logo Flag

Visual Identity

A big brand for small change

ScoreSide is a micro-donation app platform that harnesses the passion of rivalry to inspire engagement. Users wager small amounts on teams, players, or specific outcomes of a game and any winnings are automatically donated to the players’ charity of choice.

We were tasked with creating a mark that had all the energy of its flag-waving, do-gooder audience.


The monogram consists of two pennants locked in a perpetual chase. It feels animated and celebratory, without telegraphing any single sport.

ScoreSide Logo Colors

The pennants and primary colors tap into the zeitgeist of fandom while standing out in the crowded arena of sports apps.

ScoreSide App Tile Logo
ScoreSide Pattern

Favorite team? The ScoreSide logo flexes to match. While the primary colors were important for establishing brand awareness, we gave ScoreSide a logo that can be themed for every team. The special colors connect ScoreSide to users in a way only their home team can.

ScoreSide Logo Gif

The results

ScoreSide is primed and ready to win over new app fans with a flexible, recognizable mark.

ScoreSide Crowd Smoke

“Skidmore is such a knowledgable, adaptive partner that truly set us up for success. Our leadership team is 100% united in our love for the new brand. A great experience getting to great results is a rare thing.”

–Ben Bakken, CEO


Let's get to work.