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Designed for athletes

Xenith puts the athlete first. The manufacturer designs some of the most innovative gear in football and desired the kind of brand appeal that would differentiate them in the eyes of their end users: athletes. Together we established Xenith as a brand for “the new jock” by tapping into the zeitgeist of what it means to be an athlete.

Xenith Logo On Apparel Young Man Jogging
Xenith Logo

A deep-dive into the wants and needs of high schoolers led to a brand that works for a new generation of athletes, on and off the field.

Xenith Logo on Football Helmet Before After
Xenith Logo on Apparel

We designed the mark to flex for every product at any size, catching the eye of athletes on the field and in stores.

Xenith Packaging Design

Shelf appeal

Kraft paper and a bold pattern creates a billboard in the aisle, while minimal copy highlights Xenith’s focus on performance and innovation.

Xenith Packaging Design Concept Sketch
Xenith Packaging Design
Xenith Product Line Packaging

Skidmore delivered full-scale creative strategy and direction for a comprehensive reshoot of Xenith’s entire line of products. The mix of in-studio and in-environment photography created a library of on-brand assets for digital and print.

Xenith Photoshoot Behind the Scenes
Xenith Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Product Styling

Capturing the pursuit

Our photography strategy captured the full breadth of what it means to be a young competitive athlete, from training to game day, and all the moments in between.

Xenith website mock up
Xenith Catalog

The results

According to client-commissioned research, Xenith brand awareness among young athletes doubled in the year following the launch of the new brand, website, and apparel line. Dick’s Sporting Goods reported that Xenith gear, previously outsold 5:1 by their competitors, is now selling at a 1:1 rate.

Xenith’s new brand stood up to our toughest critics—the design community at large—in a feature on Brand New. Our favorite line: “For a football equipment brand this actually makes for a pretty good lifestyle brand …  something that competitor Riddell could not pull off.”

Xenith Product Packaging

Our work with Skidmore helped us aim all our passion and energy at the audience that matters most.

—Ryan Sullivan, CEO

Xenith Helmet Football Team Huddle

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