Hand holding two Smooj cans

Brand Strategy and Packaging Design System

Grown Up Fruity Magic

Growing from a fringe-favorite to mainstream competitor comes with plenty of challenges, and the team behind Smooj was ready to tackle a new one for their emerging brand. Two years into turning the concept of hard seltzer on its head, after receiving glowing accolades from both the craft beverage community and major media outlets alike, it was time to think about the next step in Smooj’s evolution.

Smooj Tropical Trip

Building off what worked well at retail—simple and clean design that playfully alludes to the creamy, slightly fizzy texture inside each can—we ushered in a packaging system with a scalable, standout design.

Smooj cans
Smooj cans
Smooj bug

Real fruit magic plays off a key brand promise right on carton.

Smooj carton with fruit
Smooj cartons
Tropical Fuit

Legit Fruit Magic

The carton delivers a fruity first impression. Stylized fruit imagery paired with a larger, louder product name help thirsty consumers see the flavor from a mile away.

The package clearly communicates key product RTBs like real fruit, mouthwatering flavor, and thick texture in ways unique to Smooj, showcasing the brand’s clever and playful personality. The glassware on the carton, brimming with the creamy drink topped with garnish won’t leave lingering consumers to wonder “What’s a Smooj?”. Instead, it perfectly illustrates an indulgent treat for adults to savor.


The results

Since its official launch, Smooj has received rave reviews from Michigan’s craft beverage community. With nearly 50 stores carrying their product already, Smooj is quickly working to expand its distribution and product line to keep up with demand.

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The Skidmore team delivered the perfect balance of thoughtful design and brand strategy. A consumer product for retail is a little outside of our comfort zone and the team laid out the perfect roadmap we could follow.

—Tommy Kennedy, Troobado

Smooj wall of cartons

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