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Rebrand and Packaging Design System

Zee Zee's:
Standout Snacks

While making the leap from a favorite in-school snack to a healthy household staple, Zee Zees came to us for a fresh new look that would better stand out on shelves and clearly, concisely show shoppers that Zee Zees are a healthy snack choice in wild flavors kids will actually enjoy.

Zee Zees boxes
Zee Zees logo

To get the products seen on shelves, we started with a big bold slab of logo, one that could function in a variety of colors, spaces and shapes. The personality of the brand comes through the logo’s big, bouncy size and a few tufts of Zee Zees fluff extruding out of the letter E—a nod to one of the characters. Bold, youthful, and bright, the type in the logo emanates the quirkiness and playfulness that lies at the heart of Zee Zees brand while being clear and easy to read.

Zee Zees stack

Fun and friendly Zee Zees bring crazy flavors to every snack category.

Meet the Zee Zees. The newly redesigned Zee Zees characters show personality – holding flavor cues and freely changing color to match their distinctive profiles – while maintaining the child-like imagination behind the original designs. Approaching each character with functionality and practicality in mind, they fit perfectly into the branding whether they’re accessorized or not.

Zee Zees characters
Zee Zees cups

To streamline the packaging and provide parents clarity about what to expect from the crazy-flavored snacks inside, we cleaned up the messaging on the PDP, focusing on clearer and more succinct product benefits and healthy ingredients.

Zee Zees chickpea packages
Zee Zees chickpeas
Zee Zees packet

Helpful indicators

Healthy call outs now live just beside the logo, linking it to the brand, and making it easy for parents to choose the right snacks for the hungry kids in their lives.


The results

Retailers, schools and families alike are eating up the packaging refresh, resulting in new store doors and more happy snackers nationwide.

Zee Zees annual revenue increased by 65% in the three years since the redesign. 

kid wearing a Zee Zees shirt

This process enabled us to refocus our brand position and develop an updated, bold identity and packaging design system that bring new excitement to Zee Zees everywhere snackers live - consumers, retailers and food service providers alike. The energy surrounding the brand refresh was exactly what we were looking for to set the stage for our next milestone of growth.

—Sean Zecman, Executive Chairman

Zee Zees chickpeas

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