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Your new favorite snack

National Food Group’s K-12 snack brand, Zee Zees, had everything it needed to succeed in the consumer market, including young fans already snacking on (and loving) their products in schools. What Zee Zees lacked was broader brand awareness with household shoppers—namely, parents. Skidmore worked extensively with National Food group to identify the right audience and digital channels to develop huge new awareness with parents during the back-to-school shopping season.

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Following a deep dive into Zee Zees media analytics and performance metrics, we rebuilt Zee Zees marketing funnel to focus on retail support and awareness tactics that would get the brand in front of their newly defined parent audience. A cohesive campaign across social and retailer platforms introduced the brand to the right audience, with flavor and safety cues that appealed to parents of children with wild taste palates. Sponsored placements and incentives at Kroger and Walmart worked to drive trial at that crucial close moment and move product off shelves.

Flavor First

Zee Zees biggest product differentiator is their range of delicious, unexpected flavors. Our ads lead with mouthwatering descriptors that contextualized the flavor of the product and brought the packaging front and center.

Zee Zees Zee Zees

Identifying and leading with a consumer’s “reason to buy,” a consolidated channel strategy, and light refresh to their organic social strategy all added up to a stronger, more effective marketing funnel for Zee Zees as they headed into the crucial back-to-school shopping season.

The results

Zee Zees was running paid digital media without a clear understanding of what was working and how it might support their retail expansion efforts. Their national search for a marketing partner ultimately lead them to our door, and through our partnership we’ve helped strengthen their marketing channels across the board. During our campaign, product moved at an unexpected velocity for the emerging brand and brought Zee Zees one step closer to becoming a household pantry staple.

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Zee Zees

I love the work Skidmore Studio did for our 2020 campaign.

– Sean Zecman, President, National Food Group

Zee Zees

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