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Training that transforms

Zingerman’s Community of Businesses is a beloved Ann Arbor institution with a family of food-related companies and entrepreneurial ventures. Their well-known consulting brand, ZingTrain, has been helping businesses become the best version of themselves for 25 years through seminars and one-on-one consulting. Feeling that their website was dated and didn’t provide an intuitive user experience, we helped them reimagine it in a way that drove conversions and effectively communicated their value proposition. 

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ZingTrain Website Design

We developed a content architecture and site map that prioritized the user’s journey and organized their wealth of content, all while authentically staying within the parameters of the Zingerman’s brand.

ZingTrain Homepage Website Design

We expanded the homepage to put ZingTrain’s inspiring elevator pitch front and center. The content was organized in a way that would allow visitors to spend more time on the site and didn’t feel too transactional. We made sure to introduce the brand, call out key differentiators, explain their available services, and answer every visitors’ burning question: “What’s in it for me?”

ZingTrain Desktop Website

Adding some Zing

We brought elements of Zingerman’s brand to life by thoughtfully adding their icons, textures, and illustrations throughout the pages. Our creatives teams collaborated closely to help refine colors and illustrations.

ZingTrain Website Illustrations ZingTrain Website Illustrations

The results

The launch of ZingTrain’s website couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as they were launching their first virtual workshop amid the COVID-19 pandemic. On the first day of the live site, they sold 21 seats to the workshop!

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ZingTrain Website Illustrations

We are filled with enormous gratitude for our stunningly beautiful new site!!! We felt like Skidmore really heard us when we shared our hopes and dreams for our site and are very excited about what the site will help us do going forward.

—Katie Frank, Managing Partner

ZingTrain Website Design

Flower Illustration

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