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Dare mighty things

February 25 2015 / admin

Pinned to the wall, next to my phone, is a quote by Teddy Roosevelt. The first line reads, “Far better it is to dare mighty things.” This quotation is my daily reminder not to be afraid of failure. To be willing to take big risks – even if it means losing a client. Today, as Skidmore Studio […]


Design Thinking — Step 3: Extraordinary design

December 15 2014 / Shawn McConnell

This is the third, in a three-part series on the “how” of Design Thinking. In the second of this three-part series, Strategy informed us we need bridge. A bridge so beautiful it will make you weep. So let’s get started. Picture a large bridge spanning a body of water. Go ahead. Close your eyes. Sit back and […]


Design Thinking — Step 2: Extraordinary strategy

December 1 2014 / admin

This is the second, in a three-part series on the “how” of Design Thinking. In the first of this three-part series about Design Thinking, Tim Smith talked about Discovery and how Skidmore digs under every rock, heads outside to talk to customers and walks a mile in our client’s shoes to be sure we empathetically […]


Design Thinking – Step 1: Discovery

November 17 2014 / admin

This is the first, in a three-part series on the “how” of Design Thinking. This blog began as a question posed during a recent studio planning meeting: “Should we give away our secret sauce?” The idea on the table was to go deeper into Skidmore’s Design Thinking process and share how we create the extraordinary. […]


Design Thinking – Good for business & Detroit

October 6 2014 / admin

More quantifiable proof: Good Design is Good for Business. A recent study reported in Fast Company proves that companies that embrace Design Thinking outperform those that don’t by a whopping 228 percent.1 You read that right – 228 percent. The analysis, completed by the Design Management Institute, looked at companies in the Standard & Poor’s […]


Hey, Cadillac – You've got it wrong

September 29 2014 / admin

Two events happened in Detroit this week that exemplified the mindsets which exist within two of Detroit’s very different worlds – the sports world and the business world. The first was an announcement by GM that the Cadillac brand is moving to New York. The second was when one of the Detroit Tigers best hitters […]