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Is it Really the Cheesiest? Our Thoughts on the Kraft Mac & Cheese Redesign

Brands engage in a packaging redesign for a number of reasons. Factors like shifting trends, stagnant sales, or brand repositioning can impact the timing on when to hit the refresh button. New packaging launches receive accolades from the design community, only to receive stagnant sales – what went wrong?   According to the DemandGen Report, 94% […]

The do’s & don'ts of candy packaging

The Skidmore candy drawer is basically our water cooler – and this close to Halloween, it’s packed full of treats. Which is why this episode of Branding Bites is all about candy packaging. Watch as Shawn and Kacha break down the packaging tricks that sell our favorite treats. Rather read than

Indicators you need a new logo

You can update the menu, redesign the interior, and launch a new advertising campaign, but unless your restaurant keeps its logo fresh, you're going to miss out on new and returning customers. As a communications tool, everything about your logo - from the decision to use a serif or sans-serif

Photogenic food and resurrecting Chipotle's brand

In this week's episode of Branding Bites, Kacha and Shawn got together to share their thoughts on the exciting world of food, beverage, and branding. Check out the video for their answers to questions including: How can restaurants, bars, and breweries make their products more photogenic on Instagram? (at 0:15)

Designing for clarity vs. designing for curiosity

There are a million different ways to solve a design challenge. In every case, the approach you take should depend heavily on the goal. And I’m not talking about the “Increase awareness 35%” kind of goal. I’m talking about the mental goal. What do you want people to feel? Do

Design feedback, from a designer

“Add a little more design” “Make this a bit more fun” “Make it sizzle” “Make it pop” When it comes to design feedback, I’ve heard these words and phrases more times in my career than I can count. Clients say them, account people say them, and whether they admit it

Predicting the next design trends

Every company targeting millennials is asking the same question: How do you connect with a generation that is known to mistrust brands, a generation that refuses to be told what is cool? The smartest companies also want to know how to create visual relevance for a brand when trends seem