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A Punky & Playful Approach to Coffee

Armed with ingenuity and small-biz agility, beverage company Troobado is no stranger to taking on the Goliath-sized established players in the industry. Their next big play uses everything they’ve learned in the hospitality industry to build a better café experience. Introducing Dozer Coffee—part roaster, part cafe, part lounge, and the daytime counterpart to the well-loved HOMES brewpub. To prepare for their launch, Dozer needed a visual identity that captured the early morning energy of a good cup of coffee, while still living comfortably in their existing family of brands.

Dozer Coffee

The logo was designed to be stamped, printed, etched, engraved, sprayed, burned, distressed, or otherwise branded on just about anything.

Dozer Coffee Label

We landed on a visual style that challenges the cleanliness of the category by embracing strong punk rock aesthetics. The unpolished gritty look is counterbalanced with bright pops of color, texture, and playful illustrations that help unite the brand.

Dozer Coffee

Our custom illustrations are full of sci-fi references, monsters, coffee lore, and plenty of hidden easter eggs. Altogether, the key art gives viewers something to explore and discover, presenting the spiritual side of Dozer in a fun and mischievous way. Tactically, the illustrations can flex across a variety of brand touchpoints, finding a home in the physical space, on swag and packaging, or online.


The results

At the end of the project, we packaged the visual identity in an easy-to-follow style guide that gave their internal team the creative direction they needed to hit the ground running as they prepared for launch. They’ve since begun building out their cafe, developing packaging, and brand assets at a lightning-fast pace—all using the new identity and concepts Skidmore created.

Dozer Coffee Logo

Really crushed this, Skidmore Team! Amazing work done very quickly. Glad you're as excited about it as we are!

— Tommy Kennedy, Founder of HOMES Brewery & Troobado Beverage Co.

Dozer Coffee

Let's get to work.