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Detroit-style pizza with real Detroit style

Detroit’s thick-crust, square-cut deep-dish pizza is finally getting the spotlight it deserves. The folks at Family Finest fine-tuned their recipe for a take-n-bake version, then came to us for a box design that would amp up the “Detroit” in “Detroit-style.”

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Family Finest Detroit Style Pizza Packaging

Made with love

The box is a nod to Detroit’s love of hand-painted signage, ’70s Motown groove, and our city’s rich history of square-cut ‘za.

Family Finest Hand Painted Sign Inspiration Family Finest Motown Inspiration

Family Finest Detroit Style Pizza Packaging GifFamily Finest Detroit Style Pizza

The authentic look and taste of Family Finest’s Detroit-style pizza landed the product in Meijer, a major Midwestern grocery chain.

The results

As America’s love of Detroit-style pizza continues to heat up, Family Finest is attracting lots of attention from hungry Midwesterners in Meijer grocery stores across the region.

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Family Finest Detroit Style Pizza Box Packaging Stacked

We were shopping this product around for a few months until Skidmore came in and gave us a design that helped get it in stores.

— Peter J. Smith, National Marketing & Brand Strategy Manager

Family Finest Detroit Style Pizza Packaging

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