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Michigan Farm to Freezer

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Quality you can see, taste, and trace

After saturating the upstate market with “fresh-frozen” local produce, Michigan Farm to Freezer made a bold move. They relocated their packaging facility from Traverse City to Detroit, then came to us for a brand that could scale into new markets.

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Michigan Farm To Freezer Logo Hat Labels

We happily obliged. Michigan Farm to Freezer’s products are phenomenal, their mission is compelling, and today’s customers are hungry for alternatives to opaque Big Food options currently found in the freezer aisle. Our strategy was to place these value props front-and-center with streamlined, transparent (literally) packaging design and clear brand messaging.

Michigan Farm To Freezer Green Peas Package

Michigan Farm to Freezer’s frozen fruits and veggies are 100% traceable from field to kitchen.

Michigan Farm To Freezer Brand Book

Once the brand and packaging were established, it was easy to create thoughtful collateral. We art-directed a mural to celebrate the company’s move to Eastern Market, crafted personalized posters for key clients, and designed branded freezer wraps that enabled Michigan Farm to Freezer to infiltrate the fresh produce section at select grocers.

Michigan Farm To Freezer Poster

Michigan Farm to Freezer Michigan Farm to Freezer

Lunchroom poster love

Geared toward elementary, high school, and college students, we wrote and designed a set of co-branded posters with some of the area’s largest educational institutions. We loaded them up with state pride and an occasional helping of playfulness.

The results

Michigan Farm to Freezer’s growth doubled year-over-year since our initial engagement. Their innovative team is rapidly expanding their product line and they continue to sign new contracts with grocers across the state on an almost-daily basis.

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Michigan Farm to Freezer Blueberries

When it’s a local brand, everybody knows you. They’ve seen our brand grow. But we’re going into stores that have never seen us before, and to go in with wow-factor in terms of how the product is merchandised really sets us up. It’s taking our brand from a local brand to a state-wide brand.

—Brandon Seng, Owner & CEO

Michigan Farm To Freezer Field

Flower Illustration

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