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The Aretha


Long live the Queen of Soul

Formerly known as Chene Park, Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre is a Detroit institution. Set on the bank of the Detroit River, the outdoor music venue invites local and international artists to its stage all summer long. It’s a beautiful place to catch a show on a warm evening, especially with the venue’s iconic blue drink in hand. We helped The Aretha team create a logo and identity worthy of its rename—and its namesake.
Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre Logo Sketch
Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre

Sweeping views

To add to its idyllic setting, The Aretha boasts a dramatic canopy of arches and swoops. Our team leveraged this geometry as we generated logo concepts, landing on the perfect balance of simplicity and dynamism.

Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre

The type is proud, confident, powerful. It’s unwavering—and it packs a punch.

Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre Piano Keys

All the right notes

Aretha Franklin was a creative genius in the purest sense. We sought to convey her mastery through music’s most elemental forms. This simplicity is energized by splashes of electric purple and blue.

Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre Logo
Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre Violin
Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre box office

The results

We were lucky enough to get invited to The Aretha’s rebrand launch celebration, where our design work enjoyed rave reviews from the local community and members of Aretha Franklin’s immediate family. The rebrand was a significant cultural event in Detroit as it sought to honor the legacy of one of our city’s greatest icons.

The Right Productions, the company behind The Aretha, looks forward to hosting the likes of Snoop Dogg, Gladys Knight, and Herbie Hancock on the lawn this summer.

Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre Box Office

She brought joy to millions around the world and now, on this beautiful riverfront...Detroiters will be saying for years, 'Tonight, I'm going to The Aretha.'

—Mike Duggan, Mayor of Detroit


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